Elk Warning

In Sweden, elk are known for their love of fermented forest fruits that litter the forest floor. It is these alcoholic fruits that have influenced Elk Warning because you never get in the way of a drunken elk!

The Elk

In Laholm, Sweden, where our little brewery is located, we occasionally see the elk lurking around following the crafting of our cider. Whether it’s his hankering for fermented apples or to be the main character will forever be unknown.

Where the berries grow

Blackberries, lingonberries, cranberries and wild strawberries are native to the Swedish forest and this is where you’ll find the elk – especially towards the end of the growing season, when the berries ferment and turn alcoholic making the elk and its impressive horns quite dangerous.

Crafted in Sweden

The quality of apples varies greatly across Europe depending on the amount of sunshine a region gets and the seasonal growing conditions at that time. For this reason, Elk Warning cider is made using the best quality apples carefully selected from across Europe to ensure we produce only the finest premium cider. Since every apple is different when it comes to its taste – our master brewer then blends the sweet and sour flavours to get the perfect balance of flavour in every batch.